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Quicken Periodically ‘Breaks’ their User Interface with Updates

This blog is not the best forum for problems with Quicken, but the following post was removed from the Quicken forum as ‘disruptive’. Hardly seems disruptive. The folks at Quicken need to know they have quality issues yet it is … Continue reading

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gnuCash and Online Banking: A Complete Failure for Me

I have several bank accounts that quicken downloads transactions for on a daily basis. Every morning, I do a sync and check transactions to make sure everything is legit. I don’t want to loose that ability. One of my accounts … Continue reading

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Importing Quicken Data into gnuCash

Before I went the the procedure of cleaning up my quicken data I attempted an import which failed, of course. Worse, there was no indication of what caused the failure. But I knew my data file was a monster, so … Continue reading

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Cleaning out Your Quicken Data File: Deleting all Historical Transactions, Securities, and Accounts

[Note: please DO NOT ask me questions about this procedure. I did it twice myself and never expect to do it again. I will not remember any details and will not be able to provide any more help that what … Continue reading

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I’m So Done with Quicken, Maybe gnuCash?

I never really had a high opinion of Quicken from the early days (I’ve been using it since the early to mid 90’s). It seems every mandatory upgrade generally brought enough problems that I would have preferred to stay with … Continue reading

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