3D Printing, Laser Cutting


ATTinyXX & Teensy

ESP8266 WIFI Module


General Electronics


Lazarus / Free Pascal


Orange Pi



Raspberry Pi

Retro Computer Emulation, Other Retro Hardware



Windows, Linux, and 386PCs

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  2. Have you done any work with Pascal and your weather station. I would like to write one for the raspberry and interface it to a website I have created using b4j

  3. Dan TheMan says:

    No, once I got wview up and running, I was happy with what I have. I have looked at the wview SQLite db. It is pretty straight forward and would be easy to interrogate. Free Pascal has an SQLlite interface. I have not used it yet, but all indications are it would be straight forward to extract wview data using a pascal program.

    I’m trying to wrap up a long-winded hardware project. Once it is done, I’m actually looking at a project that uses Pascal and SQLite. Perhaps I’ll post an entry on getting the two to work together.

  4. Campbell T Duncan says:

    Have thought of the same idea with sqlite. Only thoughts were having two programs using the same database might cause errors. Will have a play and see what happens.

  5. JOSE B says:

    por favor usted me regala su correo electronico amigo gracias

  6. Thad Schultz says:

    Came originally for “How to Make Your Own Dividers for the Akro-Mils Parts Storage Cabinet”. Staying after seeing all the other content which interests me.

  7. MeskiBlog says:

    geez, so much material to catch up on ! best regards

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