Talon V2 + KK 2.1 Quadcopter Project Wrap Up

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I’m pretty happy with the overall performance of this quadcopter. I’ve flown it for about 15 minutes a day (the time to expend my 2 battery backs – which I just increased to 4 packs).

I have found it to be reasonably stable. It tends to want to fly forward and I had to put a lot of backwards trim on it to keep it in check. It seems to be well balanced so that is a bit perplexing, but with it trimmed properly it needs only a little feed back.

I do not have great hand-eye coordination, never having had a lot of interest in video games I guess (it was all pinball for me). Further, I really have to think when the QC is flying towards me – I cannot quickly think in reverse. Compared to my experiences flying (one) RC airplane and some RC helicopters, this really is much easier to fly; however I cannot fly it at all in acrobatic mode – I have to have it self-leveling.

The Talon V2 carbon fiber frame has been great and I can highly recommend it. I have hit the gound hard repeatedly. The only damage was to a motor mount and I was able to bend that back out (Hobby King sells those separately and I have ordered a spare).

The KK 2.1 flight controller board has worked quite well too. There has been enough support to allow me, a complete neophyte, to get it installed, setup, and even updated without too much trouble. I would like a fancier flight controller in the future. There’s a good chance that is a future project.

My only reservation with the setup I have is it really doesn’t lend itself to mounting a camera – partially because it is low to the ground and partially because I mounted the battery on the bottom. There are some longer legs at thingiverse.com that can be 3D printed; however, since the battery is on the bottom I don’t think that is going to help much.

I have found a gimbal that I think I can mount and I expect that will be a project in the very near term (I already have most of the parts).

Lastly, I would like to summarize the KK 2.1 Firmware rev 1.6 settings that I am using. Normally this would just go into my project notes, but in case anyone else wonders what settings work reasonably well for a neophyte here they are:

PI Settings
    Axis: Aileron
        P Gain: 50
        P Limit: 100
        I Gaine: 0
        I Limit: 20
    Axis: Elevator
        P Gain: 50
        P Limit: 100
        I Gain: 0
        I limit: 20
    Axis: Rudder
        P Gain: 50
        P Limit: 20
        I Gaine: 50
        I Limit: 10
SL Setting
    P Gain: 60
    P Limit: 20
    Acc Trim Roll: 0
    Acc Trim Pitch: 0
    SL Mixing Rate: 10
Stick Scaling:
    Aileron: 30
    Elevator: 30
    Rudder: 50
    Throttle: 90
    SL Mix: 100%
Mode Settings:
    Link Roll Pitch: Yes
    Auto Disarm: Yes
    Button Beep: Yes
    Arming Beeps: Yes
    Quiet ESCs: No
Misc Settings
    Min Throttle: 10
Height Dampening: 0
    Height D Limit: 30
    Alarm 1/10 Volts: 105
    Servo Filter: 50
Gimbal Settings
    Roll Gain: 0
    Roll Offset: 50
    Pitch Gain: 0
    Pitch Offset: 50
    Mixing: None
Sensor Settings
    HW Filter(HZ): 256
    Gyro (deg/s): 500
RXMode: Standard RX


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