Create Demo Application Using Lazarus for Android

I created this video for myself showing the basic steps for creating a very simple Android program using Lazarus.

I am the intended audience and the intended audience cares about the content not the video quality, so don’t expect it to be pretty. BUT, if you want to see how simple it is to create an Android app in Lazarus, and can’t find another video with much detail (I wasn’t able), then you are welcome to have a look.

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5 Responses to Create Demo Application Using Lazarus for Android

  1. tcpipchip says:

    Does Lazurus has ble libraries ?

  2. Dan TheMan says:

    Hi brother COBOL coder!!

    Yes, Lazarus/Free Pascal is very close to Delphi. I used Delphi around 2000, but couldn’t afford it for my own, so I started using Lazarus at least 10 years ago. I have written code with it for Windows, Linux, and Mac. The development guys do a fantastic job. Laz4Android is amazingly complete especially for something put together by a small group of people. It’s not perfect, but still very good!

    I went through most of the Laz4Android demos to get an idea for it. With their “Android Bridge”, it very close to programming for Windows. The biggest difficulty I’m having is getting the GUI widgets laid out the way I want. That was part of my rational for this video: if I walk away from Laz4Android for 6-12 months, I’ll forget how to make make widgets relative to parents/screen and how to size the appropriately.

    • tcpipchip says:

      I am IDENTIFICATION one DIVISION if use lazarus or Embarcadero. There is a CONFIGURATION SECTION that makes to use lazarus!
      I am COBOL programmer in my heart πŸ™‚
      I will want to use lazarus to make some BLE examples πŸ™‚

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