How to use VeeCAD Stripboard Editor with CadSoft Eagle

Note, there is some additional tips now posted on VeeCad / Stripboard Revisited.

A project I’m working on is a one-off. Since I’m only building one, having a real PCB created is over kill. In the past I would etch my own, but I’m getting to where the chemicals bug me so I prefer not to.

In the past I’ve played with stripboard, but trying to lay components out on it made me dizzier than etchant. It occurred to me that perhaps someone has created software to help lay these boards out.

Sure enough they have. I decided to use VeeCAD. VeeCAD is pretty cool, but it was designed primarily to be used with TinyCad. All well and good, but I really don’t have time to learn another Schematic Editor. I want to design in Eagle and then layout components with VeeCAD.

As I tried to learn how to use Eagle and VeeCAD together, there was very little information available on the process (mainly a few questions in the VeeCAD forum). So as I went thru the process, I kept notes so I can repeat the process again.

Enclosed are my notes in PDF form. I cleaned them up a bit for public consumption, but they are pretty rough. Still, it should be enough to get you thru the process.

VeeCad Notes

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